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With Perfectly Deep Weekly, you’ll get a new soundtrack every week to enjoy - but you will also learn about the producers and labels behind each recommendation, as well as the different subgenres that make up the deep electronic music spectrum. In other words: Become equipped to not only listen to deep electronic music, but also to talk about it.

What will you be listening to?

Here are a few examples of the kind of music recommendations you will find in the Perfectly Deep Weekly newsletter every Friday. You will be presented with deep techno, minimal deep house, dub techno, dark ambient - and everything in between.

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Future ideas are brewing.

The free Basic Tier (Perfectly Deep Weekly newsletter) is just the first initiative of many to emerge under the Perfectly Deep banner. Soon a paid, Premium Tier will launch with initiatives for exploring deep electronic music on a much deeper level. Many ideas are brewing including a vinyl subscription service, audiovisual events, web store, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and much more. To stay in the loop, sign up for the Perfectly Deep General News newsletter above.

As an token of the Perfectly Deep aesthetic that I envision,
enjoy this mesmerizing audiovisual art piece by my long-time creative collaborator, Sune Petersen:

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Perfectly Deep is a part of Spraengfarlig ( - VAT# DK29544735) and is an exploration of deep electronic music by Christian Villum: An electronic music connoisseur, dj, event organizer, record label owner and digital technology explorer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Read more about me on

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